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Start Your Turnkey Agent Program Today

Card Assets offers innovative new Platinum and World Mastercard® card programs designed just for your consumer and business customers.

Card Assets has expanded the options available for Financial Institutions to be in the Credit Card space. Partnering with Card Assets gives you the tools to put branded credit cards in your customers’ wallets while leaving the risk and the details to us. Has your bank been missing out on easy credit revenues?

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Card Program Features

  • Branded Cards
  • Generous revenue sharing and employee incentives
  • Competitive interest rates, benefits, fees, & rewards
  • Online reward tracking and redemption
  • Partnership marketing materials provided
  • In-branch payment and customer service options
  • Branch based online applications
  • 400+ participating financial institutions
  • Over 80,000 cardholders

Benefits & Incentives

Everyone wins in a great partnership. That’s why we offer generous benefits and incentives for our financial institutions.

We offer competitive rates and secured cards, where Financial Institutions benefit from deposits but have no credit risk.
You know your customers best. We welcome your input into credit decisions, including the ability to override credit decisions through the account guarantee program.
Agent banks receive exclusive online and call center service channels. We also employ personalized client enrollment card specialists to assist in-branch agents whenever necessary. Finally, our client focused service advisory team is responsible and accountable to you.
  • We will pay you a generous referral fee for each approved application submitted by your bank.
  • Promotional rewards programs will be offered to your customers to encourage activity and spend.
  • AMPD rewards are paid to your employees in addition to revenue earned by your financial institution.
  • Card Assets assumes all liability and risk for your credit card accounts.

Financial Institution Information

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Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Please contact our Business Development Team or complete this form and we will get back with you as soon as possible.
  • 3595 Canton Road, Suite 312-339, Marietta, GA 30066-2658
  • 770-372-3299