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About Card Assets

About Card Assets

Card Assets is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and serves as a credit card issuer to over 200 financial institutions across the United States. Utilizing an agent-style relationship, Card Assets is able to allow financial institutions and business organizations to issue branded consumer and small business credit cards.  The company services over 200,000 credit card customers. Card Assets provides an exciting new credit card program designed to give cardholders competitive rates, a variety of rewards choices, and enhanced benefits, while also extending profitable revenue-sharing options to our partners.

Executive Team

The Card Assets Executive Team combines years of expertise in the credit card industry with personal and exceptional service levels to bring you a superior credit card program for your financial institution. Our goal is to provide your institution with the products, knowledge, training, marketing, and service to successfully add a credit card program to your suite of consumer and business products. Our team is experienced, dedicated, and committed to your success as a community financial institution.

Careers at Card Assets

At Card Assets, every employee plays an integral part in our company’s growth and success. Our employees take pride in being a part of an outstanding team of hardworking professionals. We provide a dynamic work environment that supports individual growth, creativity and teamwork.

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